Who We Are

Custom Publishing I Marketing I Design Studio

Rufhaus Designs provides powerful marketing solutions for customers in all industries. As a boutique firm, we are incredibly agile and flexible. Because of our size and the expertise of our team members (our staff members have an average of 25+ years of experience in the fields they’re serving), we’re able to take an idea from inception to execution at lightning-fast speed. We cultivate deep, continuing relationships with our clients by producing quick results—on time and on budget. We serve all industries but have significant expertise in the healthcare, financial, and corporate travel fields.

Where We Work

A Cool Little Town

Frequently referred to as the Garden State’s own Greenwich Village, Rufhaus is based in Red Bank, NJ, a captivating, high-energy city filled with trendy boutiques, funky coffee shops, a vibrant arts scene, and eclectic cuisine. With views of the Navesink River, Rufhaus is housed in a recently renovated 1880s building, 12 Broad Street, one of the city’s stateliest business addresses. A creative force, Rufhaus fits into the tapestry of this cultural capital. 

135 Publications in last three years
6570 Days in business as of 6/19/18
226 Photoshoots
7843 Pages written & proofed in 2017

Meet the team

Personable, talented engagement experts
Jennifer Ruf

Who doesn’t love a good dropcap?

As president and creative director of Rufhaus, we’ll become good friends. In addition to personally seeing your needs are met, I direct my zealous team of creatives as well as roll up my sleeves and create much of the design.

Jennifer Ruf

President & Creative Director
Denise Asaro

I love the smell of fresh ink in the morning

Nothing is impossible. I just tap my years of professional experience and contacts to devise marketing and publishing strategies to meet your goals, timelines and on budget.

Denise Asaro

Director of Creative Services
Adrienne Burmeister

Die-cut makes everything better

I maintain order in the Haus – keeping clients informed and keeping our team on task. As the deadline setter and keeper, I’m in everyone’s business; so our paths will definitely cross whether by phone, email or in-person.

Adrienne Burmeister

Account Manager
Julie Barker

Nothing thrills me more than seeing your and you’re used correctly

I’m known around the Haus as a meticulous wordsmith. You’ll work with me if your project requires writing and editing services.

Julie Barker

Senior Content Creator
Mindy Ligos

Did somebody say ‘road trip?” I’m in!

25 years of wildly-diverse writing and editing experience as both a journalist and a marketing pro. As a marketing strategist, I help companies boost engagement with impactful marketing & communications initiatives. On the journalist side, I’ve covered executions on death row to major corporate scandals.

Mindy Ligos

Chief Marketing & Content Officer
Tracy McCaffrey

I’d give anything to find a good font family

As a highly focused and versatile Art Director, I create inspiring and impactful visuals spanning integrated marketing campaigns, advertorials, native advertising, sales collateral, and large-scale event signage.

Tracy McCaffrey

Senior Art Director
Marty Daks

I don’t write fake news

As the team’s hard-nosed  business journialist and editorial expert, I create credible, insightful content that engages a variety of target audiences.

Marty Daks

Senior Editor

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We are always looking for passionate members to join our team.


Creative Minds

“As the art director of Incentive and Successful Meetings Magazine, Jennifer produced exceptional work and met every deadline we threw her way. She’s truly a pleasure to work with, bringing her years of experience and creative energy to every project while seeking feedback and enthusiasticallly collaborating with the rest of our team.